What is BroJo?

BroJo is all about helping men make the most of their lives.

We focus on developing the skills that can help you get the most value out of every day, and every person you meet. 

It's delivered in a community format, with a professional skills instructor and a small group of bros, to keep things focused. 

Our instructor introduces topics, training, and advice - and bros help each other to become stronger men, and to overcome personal life challenges.

What do we focus on?

Health.  Skills, techniquies, and routines for keeping yourself fit and healthy, even with the most full-on life schedule.  We focus on fitness and nutrition education, and encourage our bro's to buddy-system their workout and diet goals. 

Wealth.  Learn how to set your own financial future, whether it's maximizing your current career path and getting the highest possible income there- or starting your own company to pursue your dreams independently.

Relationships.  Social relationships are an essential part of a successful life.  Improving work relationships, leaderships skills, social confidence and ice-breaking techniques, public speaking, and romantic relationships are all part of this.

About the BroJo emblem

The BroJo emblem is a shuriken with 6 points. Each point represents one of BroJo's core values-

  • Respect, both for others, and for yourself.  Respect is essential for balanced relationships, and a smoothly functioning society.
  • Adaptability.  Resilience and the ability to accept change, and use it for growth.
  • Curiousity.  A continual desire to pursue Truth, to learn more, and experience more.  To realise that you can never know the final answer, there is always a better one.
  • Boldness.  Fearlessness and Initiative are essential to living a full life.
  • Honesty.  A deep unwillingness to be deceitful or manipulative.  BroJo encourages an interest in being shameless and open about all areas of your life, as much as you can.
  • Compassion, gratitude, and appreciation for being part of a World full of amazing people we can connect with and journey with together. This involves skills of acceptance, empathy, and humility. 

Each point represents one of the core goals of BroJo's personal development programme-

  • Diet & staying healthy & Fitness
  • Career development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Mastery
  • Love, sex and relationships
  • Fatherhood, Leadership and Mentorship

At the centre of the star is the core skill which all 6 points are based on - the development of what we call "Authentic Masculinity."

Essentially this means learning how to be a Man, with no apologies, no hesitation, no fear, and a full understanding of how to be at 100% in every situation- by yourself, with your family, at work, and in society.

Where and When?

Check our events page for details.

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I had high expectations for this meetup and it was met!  Thx for great insight.


Great opportunity to help me become confident and my dreams a reality working for myself in a better, happy way. Dan is the X Factor in coaching, mentoring and his passion to help us I feel is real. 

Stephen F