It's all in your mind

Your mind is the single most important tool you have, and confidence is the fuel that turns your visions into reality.

Confident Mindset Course

Who’s it for?

Self-development enthusiasts who want to learn how to get the best out of their minds. Anyone who believes in their own potential and wants to learn how to unlock it.

What’s it about?

Understanding the brain from a scientific perspective and learning how to use what you are consciously aware of to make powerful mindset changes. Mostly, it’s about the key short-cuts to building confidence and self-worth, without requiring approval from others or needing to see constant achievement to feel good about yourself. This is all based on the principle of living by your Values.

Programme Structure

This course runs as a 6-week programme;

  • Week 1: Building self-worth through values
  • Week 2: Leading your own mind
  • Week 3: Frame and perspective
  • Week 4: Frame control and power
  • Week 5: Managing expectations
  • Week 6: Confrontation and assertiveness

What is the Cost?

All BroJo 101-level courses are free to BroJo members, or $80 for the complete series.
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I rate this class as being one of the most essential things I have ever done for my life. Michael, Auckland, NZ

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The most powerful piece of content I have ever been a part of in my life

Sean Russell

If Dan’s ideas and coaching would be subject at school, there wouldn’t be that many frustrated people outside with so many weird behaviors. Personally speaking for myself, it was the best money I have invested so far.

Daniel Traeger