BROJO Inner Circle Sessions

With the relaunch of Brojo comes something new and exciting: The Brojo Inner Circle Sessions. What are these?

Our usual meetups are each focused on the discussion of a particular topic, centered around the themes of Social Mastery and Confident Mindset.

The Inner Circle sessions are a more advanced level, more coaching than general discussion - aimed toward people ready to dive deep and take meaningful action. This is why they are only available to our dedicated Gold and Platinum members.

In each session you will have the opportunity for 1:1 coaching with me on any challenge you face. This will allow you to experience intensive coaching combined with the support of the group. Or you can just learn from seeing the others get coached.

Rather than general topics, we will hone in on what is most important to you and help you figure out how to get past your biggest current barrier to satisfaction. There are 3 different Inner Circle sessions available:

CONNECTION ( Advanced Social Mastery )

The Connection Inner Circle will focus on creating deep and meaningful connections, both with others and within yourself (the same work is often required for each). We will explore how to create authentic relationships, let go of outcomes and enjoy the moments you spend with people, and bring out the real You without shame. This is for people who want to end loneliness forever.


The Mission Inner Circle is all about your purpose, work and career. We will look at making your career or mission in life more connected with your authentic self, and more satisfying and rewarding. From figuring out specifics, like how to apply for a job in a way that stands out, through to the deep inner work required to discover your true passion, this is for people who want to create a career that has an impact on the world.

MANAGE YOUR MIND ( Advanced Confident Mindset )

The Manage Your Mind Inner Circle is directly aimed at improving the way your brain works. We will challenge limiting beliefs, figure out your core values and how to live by them, and reduce your attachment to insecurity, outcomes and fear. This is for people who want to feel confident, free and powerful.


If you're interested in joining in on one of these powerful sessions, see our Gold and Platinum membership options.

PS For those of you who want 1:1 coaching but do not currently have the financial resources or courage to make the investment, the Inner Circle is the next closest thing, so come and check it out! You've got nothing to lose.

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Great first impression and overall experience. Clearly all men in attendance want to improve themselves and push through known or unknown barriers and make a difference to their lives and the world. Not only do we want to improve ourselves, we want to share our experiences and challenges openly and respectfully. Fantastic!


I can now do anything on my own without feeling anxious, presentations are going really well and I have stepped it up to present to a big group of bankers. Honestly since our session it’s like magic!

Nicola Pirie