Leaders are not born, they are master-crafted

Learning the skills of leadership will change your life, the lives of those around you, and allow you to change the world.

Leadership Course

Who’s it for?

Guys who are keen to become leaders of themselves, their peers, their women and in the workplace. Men who want to lead by example and change the world through being a charismatic and powerful rolemodel.

What’s it about?

Leadership strategies and mindsets that actually work. By removing confidence barriers and old-school beliefs about leadership, you can transform yourself into a natural leader, someone who commands respect and admiration without trying. Learn how to have effective and peaceful confrontations, and never have someone else dominate you again.

Programme Structure

This course runs as a 6-week programme;

  • Week 1: What actually works in leadership
  • Week 2: Motivating others and influencing behaviour
  • Week 3: Leadership frame control
  • Week 4: Authentic and ethical influence techniques
  • Week 5: Courageous feedback
  • Week 6: Effective confrontations

What is the Cost?

All BroJo 101-level courses are free to BroJo members, or $80 for the complete series.
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I wanted a change in career. He helped me focus on that change and broke it down in to manageable bites. I feel I have more time for people and to do things, using time more effectively, not panicking when I am busy.

Chris Vernon

Body language is like any other language that can be learnt. The only difference is that it is silent, but more basic form of communication at the instinctive level.

Bill Hammer