Master your social universe with full confidence

Learn how to become an authentic, confident master of social interaction. Overcome social limitations, one small step at a time, and learn how to be yourself around strangers without fear.

Social Mastery Course

Who’s it for?

Men who want more options in their social and dating lives. Anyone who feels held back socially by being introverted, shy or caring what other people think too much.

What’s it about?

Learning how to initiate and maintain authentic conversations with anyone. From approaching strangers through to creating deep and meaningful connections. No lines, ‘routines’ or gimmicks, and no having to worry about what to say next. This course will show you how to just be yourself to attract awesome people into your life without having to fake it.

Programme Structure

This course runs as a 6-week programme;

  • Week 1: Building up Social Kingdoms
  • Week 2: Overcoming social fears
  • Week 3: Approaching and initiating conversations
  • Week 4: Approaching trouble-shooting
  • Week 5: Transitioning into authentic flowing conversations
  • Week 6: Creating long-lasting and interesting conversations
I rate this class as being one of the most essential things I have ever done for my life. Michael, Auckland, NZ

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The most powerful piece of content I have ever been a part of in my life

Sean Russell

I can now do anything on my own without feeling anxious, presentations are going really well and I have stepped it up to present to a big group of bankers. Honestly since our session it’s like magic!

Nicola Pirie